I Never Stop: A Memoir of Bedriska Schlesinger Mandl

Elfriede Bedriska mandl. I never stop tells the story of an heroine. Described by the writer Kate McBride, it is the biography of one of the few ones who survived to the Shoah when it was a paradox also just supposing the possibility. Bedriska, who was born in Brno (Czech Republic), really never stopped. Sister of many siblings, so loved by her parents, she will be mother of herself and her sons. They will be given birth, though, in USA, where the woman moves after a short break in Paris.

The bravery and the will of going on smiling and never surrendering, despite the difficulties of the beginning of her “journey”, are the biggest virtues that lead Bedriska to turn 100 years old, years full of life, of mythical memories, and of all those dreams that have gone with her till that goal. Today she’s 104, and it’s to celebrate her century that Kate McBride, fascinated by her itinerary of unique Woman, wants to pay her this homage. The book, written in english, is readable as a real novel: the story is charming, breathtaking, furnished with pictures from the family album as well as with a colorful family tree that introduces to the adventures of this huge, admirable and touching heroine.