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I Never Stop: A Memoir of Bedriska Schlesinger Mandl

Elfriede Bedriska mandl. I never stop tells the story of an heroine. Described by the writer Kate McBride, it is the biography of one of the few ones who survived to the Shoah when it was a paradox also just supposing the possibility. Bedriska, who was born in Brno (Czech Republic), really never stopped. Sister of many siblings, so loved by her parents, she will be mother of herself and her sons. They will be given birth, though, in USA, where the woman moves after a short break in Paris.

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BathFace Stories

A small book of Polaroid images accompanied by short stories.
Excerpt from portman place . . .
The telephone operator who answered the toll free enquiry mentioned that she had a friend who had a friend with a place in Marlybone that just might have a room over the upcoming busy weekend.

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TALES OF TWO WORLDS: Arnie and Soot Navigate Florence

Two fluffy cats live under a bridge in the center of Florence. Curious and kind, Arnie and Soot navigate the city through secret underground passages. Gourmet taste and an insatiable curiosity lead these library lovers to discover famous and unkonwn places from a cat’s point of view. Where does their “hole with a view” under the Ponte alle Grazie lead to? What adventures await them?

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The Cornell Concordances (excerpt from Cornell University Press “NEW BOOKS” July 1988 – January 1989) January, 1989, 984 pages, 6 1/8″ x 9 1/4″, LC 88-47749, ISBN 0-8014-2239-6 cloth. Based on e.e. cummings, Complete Poems: 1913 – 1962, published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1968, this computer-based concordance is unlike any other concordance ever made.

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Vancouver Stock Exchange

Advertising agency for the Vancouver Stock Exchange for four years in the late 1990s/early 2000s into the period of the formation of the Canadian Exchange, CDNX. Under President Michael Johnson, the marketing program included expansion in South America and Asia and the recognition of the 100th anniversary of the exchange.  Continue reading

Fa├žonnable Along the Cote d’Azur

Seduced by the words C├┤te d’Azur the traveler journeys to a place of hot skies on sunbaked skin, warm hues of gold, pink light and dreamy days that turn to gentle nights, where the rhythm of the sea fashions the palette of everyday life.┬áThe name Fa├žonnable reflects the rich and colorful life of the C├┤te d’Azur through the playful combination of the French “fa├žonner” meaning “to create” and the English “fashionable.

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