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Arnie and Soot Storytelling

Two fluffy cats live under a bridge in the center of Florence. Arnie and Soot are real live cats! They spend their days resting in the sun on a thin ledge just above the lapping waters of the Arno River or you might see them peak their heads out of a large hole in the buttress of the Ponte alle Grazie.

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I Never Stop: A Memoir of Bedriska Schlesinger Mandl

Elfriede Bedriska mandl. I never stop tells the story of an heroine. Described by the writer Kate McBride, it is the biography of one of the few ones who survived to the Shoah when it was a paradox also just supposing the possibility. Bedriska, who was born in Brno (Czech Republic), really never stopped. Sister of many siblings, so loved by her parents, she will be mother of herself and her sons. They will be given birth, though, in USA, where the woman moves after a short break in Paris.

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An interactive engagement with the people of the Pinocoteca Brera Museum in Milan, Italy through the powerful on site portraits by James O’Mara. The employees of the museum chose a work or architectural detail to speak about and also told us about their birthplace, their role at and time commitment to the museum. myBrera expands as people join the institution. Continue reading

BathFace Stories

A small book of Polaroid images accompanied by short stories.
Excerpt from portman place . . .
The telephone operator who answered the toll free enquiry mentioned that she had a friend who had a friend with a place in Marlybone that just might have a room over the upcoming busy weekend.

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BATH FACES Exhibitions Current & Past

I see Bath Faces in the wound up hoses of hotel room tubs. I take instant photos of them and give them names. They inhabit stories invented in this state of repose. A set of twelve Bath Faces was shown at La Chambre Claire in Paris in February of 2015 and four are now part of the 35th Mini Print International of Cadaques, Spain taking place June 27 to September 30th. The Polaroid Spectra images were scanned and then printed on very thin Japanese paper and chine colle on thick Italian cotton paper. The captions were typed on my Good Companion typewriter and then chine colle on top at the end. The frames were built in Florence, Italy. The edition is 10. A set of 12 archival print constructions, framed, is 1000 Euros. 
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